Alpha P Brightening

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Brighten your skin! Our Alpha P Brightening Treatment is a safe and gentle way to brighten your skin tone on a daily basis. ALWAYS use sunscreen with this product. 60 ML / 2 FL.OZ
USE IN SKINCARE REGIMEN: After cleansing, dry your skin thoroughly. Apply one dropper full to areas where you desire a lighter, more even skin tone and allow it to sink in. ; A feeling of warmth and tingling may occur. If so, rinse off with water after 1 minute and only use once per day.Gradually increase the time on your skin to 2 minutes. When warmth or tingling is no longer felt, leave it on your skin and don't rinse off. Increase use to 2 times per day for maximum result. ; NOTE:Alpha P should be used on damp or dry skin directly after cleansing and BEFORE any toner. Allow a few minutes to penetrate and dry on your skin - then follow with treatments, eye cream and your normal skincare regimen.
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