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UP Ultra Peptide Serum: Skip the injection! Our UP Ultra Peptide Serum is the ultimate serum to combat deep wrinkles on the forehead, at the sides of eyes, and around the mouth. 30 ML / 1 FL.OZ How UP works: Two patented peptides block signals from releasing the synapse that releases ACETYLCHOLINE. The third peptide blocks the smaller amount of ACETYLCHOLINE that is released but still gets out for reaching the muscles. The fourth peptide MATRIXYL 3000 further discreasing wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by muscle memory. Our blend of patented peptides work much like the most popular injectibles to relax the muscles, smoothing expression lines without a syringe. This product features 10% Snap-8, 5% Leuphasyl (r) 4% Syn-ake (r), 3% Matrixyl 3000 (t) C Super Brightening Spotless Serum: Uniquely water free for more powerful Vitamin C! Our C Super Serum contains powerful antioxident benefits to repair and prevent photo damage, diminish fine lines, boost collagen synthesis, and brighten the skin tone. Customers love how gentle this potent product is! Our unique water free formulation allows C Super to stay fresh and maintain its higher potency longer while reducing irritation. Also contains vitamin A and E. This combination produces a powerhouse antioxidant that repairs and prevents photo damage, diminishes fine lines, boosts collagen and brightens skin tone. 12.5 ML / 0.42 FL.OZ Vitamin K Super Eye Cream: Look younger than ever! Vitamin K plus peptides! Our Vitamin K Super Eye Cream is our most effective eye treatment that reduces dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines while improving the texture and elasticity of the delicate skin under the eyes. Resulting in beautiful youthful eyes! 15 ML / 0.5 FL.OZ

UP Ultra Peptide Serum: Apply a small amount to areas of concern. For best results,use everyday 2 times per day and gently massage into the skin. USE IN SKINCARE REGIMEN:If cleansing/toning before use - pat your skin dry first. Apply AFTER any vitamin C products and before all others. Allow it to penetrate and dry a few minutes then continue with your normal skincare regimen. C Super Brightening Spotless Serum: Use just one or two pumps for entire face, neck and decolletage. USE IN SKINCARE REGIMEN: After cleansing/toning apply to dry skin BEFORE any other products. When used 1x per day, use at night. For even better results use 2x and follow with sunscreen in daytime. Vitamin K Super Eye Cream: Gently apply a very small amount to the skin on the orbital bone under and at the sides of the eyes. Do not apply close to the eyes or on eye lids. USE IN SKINCARE REGIMEN:Apply to clean skin directly after cleansing or cleansing/toning and AFTER any Vitamin C treatment. Follow with your normal skincare regimen, but allow the treatment a few minutes to sink in before applying anything over it. Tri-Effect is designed to deliver powerful actives to the problem areas around the eyes: bags, dark circles, crows feet. It is not recommended for moisturizing the orbital area (eye lids, below eye brows) where our doctors believe any light, non irritating facial moisturizer (A+E, Hydro BF) or make up base is sufficient.
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