C Super Brightening Spotless Serum

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Uniquely water free for more powerful Vitamin C! Our C Super Serum contains powerful antioxident benefits to repair and prevent photo damage, diminish fine lines, boost collagen synthesis, and brighten the skin tone. Customers love how gentle this potent product is! Our unique water free formulation allows C Super to stay fresh and maintain its higher potency longer while reducing irritation. Also contains vitamin A and E. This combination produces a powerhouse antioxidant that repairs and prevents photo damage, diminishes fine lines, boosts collagen and brightens skin tone. 12.5 ML

Use just one or two pumps for entire face, neck and decolletage.; USE IN SKINCARE REGIMEN: After cleansing/toning apply to dry skin BEFORE any other products. When used 1x per day, use at night. For even better results use 2x and follow with sunscreen in daytime.
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